Xiaomi Mi A1 vs HTC U11 Life vs Motorola Moto X4

2017 Android One HTC U11 Life Mi A1 Moto X4

Android phones came few years ago. It was an ambitious project from Google to provide cheap and good phones to everyone. In first stage, the company started with entry level budget phones in India. The price bracket actually grew and now they are in mid range. Xiaomi, HTC and Motorola launched new 2017 Android phones this year. Here we are comparing to see what there is to offer.

Google promises to provide regular updates upto 2 years on all Android One phones. The smartphones run on pure stock Android OS with no UI on top. These are the biggest and best benefits of having an Android One phone. Previously, it was also affordable but now they are selling at higher price.

Increasing purchase capacity is one of the main cause for this. People are now buying mobiles with bigger screens and better specs these days. Still we would very much like to see affordable phones in entry level and budget segment. Mi A1 was launched at first then came Moto X4 and finally HTC U11 Life joined the race.

They all are running on pure Android OS and provide regular updates. But lets see what is the difference in their hardware and experience. This is the comparison of all Android One phones of 2017.

Mi A1 HTC U11 Life Moto X4
5.5” IPS LCD 1080p 5.2” Super LCD 1080p 5.2” 1080p IPS LCD
Snapdragon 625 Chipset Snapdragon 630 Snapdragon 630 Chipset
2 GHz Octacore processor 2.2 GHz Octacore processor 2.2 GHz Octacore processor
Adreno 506 GPU Adreno 508 GPU Adreno 508 GPU
3080 mAh Battery 2600 mAh Battery 3000 mAh Battery
Dual 12 MP Rear Camera 16 MP Rear Camera Dual 12 MP Back Camera
5 MP Front Camera 16 MP Front Camera 16 MP Front Camera

Well all know the common thing about OS but still there are many similarities. The differences are what make the decision. All of these phones support 4K recording with their back cameras. Except HTC, other two phones have dual 12 MP Cameras. In Mi A1, the aperture is f/2.2 and f/2.6. On Moto X4, we have f/2.0 and f/2.2 while in U11 Life we get f/2.0.

Each of the above mentioned phone is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 which is very nice. Regarding battery, Mi A1 wins the race by small number. In terms of SOC, newer HTC and Moto X4 are ahead but the X4 has 1 GB less RAM than others which is a downer.


Surprisingly, both HTC U11 Life and Moto X4 have very high pixel count front camera at 16 MP. It is many times better than Mi A1. These sensors can capture brilliant selfies and will prove worthy if you take a lot of front facing videos. The back camera result of all the cameras is great but Motorola and Mi have a benefit due to dual camera setup.


These phones have all the new and necessary sensors including fingerprint scanner, gyrosensor, compass etc. They are very good phones in a mid range market. Users can enjoy great performance, multi tasking, content consumption and gaming. Camera results are also fantastic as UHD recording is supported.

Best thing about having Android One phones is buttery original experience and updates. Among all these phones, get the one that fits in your budget. If you can afford anyone of them, our choice would be Moto X4 over others. But Mi A1 and HTC U11 Life are also great choice by the way.

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