Xiaomi Mi Note 2 price in Nepal
Xiaomi Mi Note 2 price in Nepal

The love of curved screen is on the rise and Xiaomi addresses it with Mi Note 2. Vatsal Impex has launched Mi Note 2 in Nepal at Rs 76,999. It is clearly a high-end phone with lots of powerful hardware and features. This is clear that people are loving curved screen design these days.

This smartphone isn’t for everyone but is most people’s wish. It is beautiful phone to look at and powerful to use. The specs on the paper are also amazing. Some great features include 6 GB RAM, big battery and lots of internal storage. Its hardware specifications are given below.

Processor Quad Core(2.35 GHz+1.6 GHz)
SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
GPU Adreno 530
Storage 12 GB
Display 5.7” FHD 1080X1920
Battery 4070 mAh
Camera 22.5 MP Back/ 8 MP Front
OS Marshmallow (6.0.1)


Just looking at the specs sheet and design, everyone will love this phone. Well for the price, it is a good competition in Nepali market. Currently Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the competitor in Android system. We are also impressed by the offering of Mi Note 2. The curved screen design is beautiful to look while phone is powerful enough to enjoy.

It has a very new Snapdragon SoC but the processor is not octacore. We get 6 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM which is enough for almost all users. As there is no SD card support, internal storage is enough from our view. 4070 mAh battery provides very good life for the 5.7” panel.

Xiaomi is providing a very high-resolution camera with this product. There is a 22.5 f/2.0 Megapixel sensor at back and 8 Megapixel camera at front. The back camera has EIS, HDR feature and can also record videos at 4K. Fingerprint scanner is at front home button. Other internal features include Barometer, Compass, Gyrosensor and Accelerometer.



5.7” is a big screen and 1080×1920 is not enough for such display and phone of this caliber. This a bit disappointing because FHD resolutions is not enough for such gorgeous AMOLED screen. Note 2 supports dual Nano SIM with 4G LTE as well.

Fast charging helps to save time while charging your phone in hurry. Camera quality is great in sufficient lighting. Pixel count is large so users can enjoy high resolution images and better videos. We asked the company about pricing but they said it is due to the market size and import cost from China.


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