Xiaomi Nepal Subha Tihar Offer 2018: Offers, Discounts, Deals

Xiaomi Nepal Subha Tihar Offer 2018

Tihar 2075 is here after Dashain and companies are preparing for this. Xiaomi Nepal is now hosting Subha Tihar Offer 2018. This is a three days event which is happening for 28th to 30th October. The company has a lot on its plate right now. They are also going to launch the new Poco F1 just after Tihar. Xiaomi is one the fist company to provide Tihar offer for this year.

People buy lots of new things in Dashain and Tihar. Mostly people buy new things they need because many companies provide good offers and discounts. Xiaomi Nepal is offering lots of deals in many of their product segments. They are providing offers in bags, routers, headphones, speakers, power banks and various other items.

This new scheme doesn’t show smartphone deals though. There must be mobile phone offers coming soon in our view. We always expect companies to show up with new offers on each occasions. In this sale, the products are categorized as Smart Devices, Audio, Bags and Powerbanks. So these are the main categories and they include many products. Xiaomi isn’t just mobile manufacturer, they have wide range of products in their portfolio.

Xiaomi Subha Tihar Offer 2018 Deals

Lets have a look at some good deals and products in this offer. There are pretty interesting things in the sale such as Juicer, Vacuum Flask, Polarized Sunglasses, Electric shaver, Kettle and heating waist belt. We see lots of thermos flasks which can be great for the coming winter. Mi Band is available at Rs 1,199 and the TV Box is available for Rs 4,999. The Mi headphones and speakers are also at pretty good price.

The 20000 mAh Powerbank is also available for Rs 3500 now. Xiaomi is selling Air Purifier, Masks, Cotton towels, backpacks and trolley suitcases as well. Backpacks price are cut down by huge amount according to their site. They seem to have a very wide range of products. It looks like a good program and it is worth browsing at their site. There may be products that you need or want at a good price. We hope they bring more products to Nepal such as TV and we also hope that they give discounts on more products. Lets hope to see Tihar offer on smartphones as well.

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