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The growing Nepali E-Commerce market has many platforms by now. They all have their own specialty and following. Now, a new platform has stepped into the market. YesCart ( is a new eCommerce platform in Nepal. It is owned by IoT Incorporation Pvt. Ltd which is a subsidiary of Sharda Group. So this is from a big business house in Nepal. YesCart is catering to the customers with a different approach. The company is going to only sell genuine products from brands. This is one of the main USPs of the company.

YesCart organized a special meeting for bloggers on September 10th, 2021 in Kathmandu. In the program, there were officials from Sharda Group, IoT Incorporation, and Xiaomi Nepal as well. The program was a soft launch and kind of formal initiation. Saral Acharya is the head of the new platform and he has also worked at Daraz Nepal. He explained the details of the new site. According to the stakeholder, it is a long-term investment and the work started last year. Now the company is online from the website and Android app. So the users can purchase goods from mobile and computers.

Currently, YesCart is providing offers for early adopters and also as a part of the launch. The company is providing vouchers worth Rs 200 after signing up. Khalti has also partnered as a payment partner. Customers can get a 20% discount (maximum Rs 500) at the time of purchase for pre-payment using Khalti.


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Only Genuine Products on YesCart

There are many online shopping sites in Nepal and we can hear a lot of complaints from users. So, the company actually did a survey with 500 people. It was found that 67% of users found quality issues. Among that, 80% of issues were with non-branded products. While there was only a 20% issue with branded products. Therefore YesCart is only going to sell genuine original products from brands. This is to incur fewer issues for both customers and the company. It is a very unique practice and only very few companies do this.

If people are insured that a platform only sells original products, people have more trust. This is a big thing to have because people still lack trust in many eCommerce platforms. In order to provide more genuine products to customers, YesCart has partnered with multiple brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, Poco, Realme, OnePlus, Fitbit, Honor, and more.

Actually, the catalog isn’t limited to electronics items. YesCart has a wide range of products available for purchase. This includes mobile accessories, consumer electronics, home appliances, televisions, fashion products, clothes, sports, and music items. The category of products will expand in the future as demand rises and the company grows.


Better and Faster Delivery

The survey performed by the company also showed that 52% of people felt issues in delivery. In this, 70% of issues were out of timeline delivery which means the products arrives late. The remaining 30% issues were unavailability of doorstep delivery. These things were found to be irritating to users. Therefore YesCart is planning to rapidly and widely expand its delivery system. The company will also provide 48 hours delivery inside Kathmandu Valley with no additional charges. One of the main things, the company stated was that they will not have any hidden charges. All the applicable charges for delivery will be transparent.

Currently, YesCart is serving in Kathmandu valley only. The company is already planning to expand its services all across Nepal. They are promising to provide reliable service with fast delivery to the customers. According to the statement of the head of this E-commerce platform, the normal delivery period is 5 working days.

Refunds and Returns

These are very important services that an eCommerce platform should provide. We hear a lot of complaints from people on other platforms regarding this. Yes Cart also has a refund and return policy for the products. In the retail business, there can be faulty products, defective pieces, or delivery of incorrect products. YesCart is also providing people the freedom to return some products by calling it “change of mind”. However, this is only applicable for certain products such as clothes, shoes, etc.

In case of a return, customers should initiate a return within 7 days of the product return cycle. Similarly, in the case of damaged/ or defective products, the customer should file a return request within 3 days of receiving the product. The agent from the company comes to your address and picks the product within 3 days of accepting the return request. The 3 days pickup for return requests is for Kathmandu valley only. In the case of location outside Kathmandu valley, the period may extend to 7 days as well.


After picking the product, Yes Cart checks it and studies the compliant. Then only the company processes the refund to the customers. A refund can take some time to come back to the customers. It actually depends on the payment method used by the customer. For claiming a return or refund there are conditions that must be followed by the users. They are all available at the “Return Policy” section of the YesCart’s website.

Support to Users and Merchants

Yes Cart has announced to provide pre-sales and after-sales support to its users both online and offline. After-Sales service is very important for customers of electronics mainly. If people are provided with good treatment and service after purchase, they tend to be supportive and loyal. The company actually promises to focus more on customers. Therefore the platform is providing recommendations, loyalty bonuses, promotions on campaigns, and benefits on payments.

YesCart is also going to provide robust support to its merchants. This is very useful because merchants are the backbone for genuine product supply to users. The merchants get access to reports, catalog management, admin panel, and seller back end panel. The system provides features such as customized campaigns and a business-centric interface. These things help to target users with better products and grow sales.

Future Expansions

Yes Cart has three campaigns for its expansion. The first one is “Before Tier 1 Campaign”. In this, the company wants to achieve at least 8000 daily visitors and 150 orders. Then they have the “1st Tier 1 Campaign” where they want to achieve 20000 daily unique visitors and 200 orders. Finally, they have a “2nd Tier 1 Campaign” where they want to serve 50000 daily visitors and have 400 orders. Therefore the company is moving in different steps for expansion. These are campaigns for the company but people actually care about service. Therefore people need to see visible positive changes in product availability and service.


Affiliate Program

YesCart has already announced its affiliate program for publishers. Affiliate marketing is a widely popular marketing mechanism in the E-commerce industry. In this program, people can earn commissions by driving traffic and sales from the site. In Nepal, Daraz also has such a program for publishers, content creators, and influencers. Affiliate programs can help the platform and creators grow together.

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