ZMapp and Cure of Ebola Disease
ZMapp and Cure of Ebola using experimental drug

According to some latest news, two Ebola patients were cured. They were American citizens who were working in West Africa. They came back infected from Africa. This drug is an advancement in medical science. There isn’t even a vaccine or any chemical drugs that can fight the virus that causes the common cold. ZMapp is an experimental drug created to cure Ebola. The test drug ZMapp and cure of Ebola is one of the most interesting this year.

Ebola is a disease caused by the Ebola virus. It has a whopping 90% fatality rate. The disease is very communicable and infectious. It can transfer from one human to another by bodily fluids like blood, sweat, etc. This virus mainly comes from animals like bats, pigs, and monkeys. The disease originated from Africa and has caused a breakout which started a worldwide panic and emergency.

The symptoms include internal and external bleeding, high fever, diarrhea, and organs failure. This is a virus originated disease and there is no proven cure yet. People fear Ebola very much. Patients suffer a lot due to pain from organ failure. However, about 15% of people are told to have developed immunity against this disease. Still, many people are vulnerable and human civilization needs a cure. ZMapp is one of the claimed experimental drugs that has been made to cure this disease.

ZMapp and Cure

As told before there is no proven drug for this disease. But two Americans have been cured of this. Both two patients were treated in Atlanta with ZMapp. There is no hard proof that this cure was the result of the used drug. WHO is said to examine this situation. Experts are hoping to bring a cure for Ebola as soon as possible.

Image of Ebola Virion under a microscope
Image of Ebola Virion under a microscope

Viruses are very complex. The diseases caused by them are hard to treat because there is no medicine to cope with the virus. Ebola virus reduces the immunity power of the patient. Rhinovirus is the cause of the common cold. Till now we only have medicines to treat the symptoms but not the virus. Ebola is also caused by a virus. Therefore it is harder to treat.

ZMapp is still under development and research. This medicine is a result of a research report conducted 10 years ago by the American Military. A tobacco plant known as Nicotiana benthamiana is used to create this drug. The process of extraction of the final product is very complex. The Monoclonal antibodies are created from the spleen of mice by injecting it with antigens of Ebola.


Current Status and Safety

This drug has no approval from the FDA till this date. However, in today’s situation, there is no other option. FDA and other organizations may approve the drugs later on. Testing this drug is the last resort to rescue the patients. Many organizations agree to use this drug for testing and saving lives. We need more tests to verify the results of the drug. More than 1100 people have died from Ebola and more than 2000 people are suffering from it.

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ZMapp mainly has three main components. It has antibodies that strengthen the immunity system of the human body. It helps to fight and control the disease. Randomized Controlled Trial is still necessary to get more data on this drug.

Many countries are taking hard measures. Countries are checking people in the airport who are coming from African countries. Many international airports now have a quarantine. The best prevention is to avoid any journey to the African country for now. Be careful from any person who has recently been to any affected country. Try to avoid body contact with any sick patient. Incinerate the waste of the Ebola suffering patient in a safe place.



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