ISP Nepal 2018
ISP Nepal 2018

Internet is awesome and with all the information for free, it is obviously the best thing of this century. Nepal is gaining number of internet users very fast. As the people are starting to use features and service like Social Media, YouTube, e-commerce, e-Learning, chatting, file sharing many household in Nepal are getting internet connection. The government is also slowly making the governance and their network digital. People living in various regions have different situation, topography and services. Some are using Wireless service and some are using wired service for getting internet.

Vast majority of people actually use internet on their mobile phone which means phone data is highest consumed in Nepal. Internet was once a luxury but now it it has become a need. Stable and permanent internet is being a necessity now a days for many tasks we can’t even list. Actually Nepal is listed as the country with the weakest internet service but in overall service it is winning India.

We believe that is only due to data from offices. Anyway we created a list of best top 5 Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal. These major corporations have a very big network. We have selected them by examining many aspects like customer service, response, ping for gaming, up-time, speed and of torrents. No one will deny using torrents in Nepal even we have seen government office and even ISP using torrent. We are mainly focusing here on unlimited packages.

5) Nepal Telecom (NTC ADSL)


Starting from the bottom we have selected NTC ADSL in this competition due to certain reasons. Nepal Doorsanchar Company limited is one of the oldest telecom company with over 85% government share which makes it a government organization. It has the basic and most important asset of all services which is biggest network due to landline or PSTN.

The speed or bandwidth they provide in basic rate of Rs 800 is only 5 Mbps which is a satisfactory and it is available in almost 75 districts of Nepal. Good thing is that the ADSL service is provided over the same telephone line which is easy to use with no extra installation required except a router. Each quarter since 2017 they are improving their service as ordered.

4) Classic Tech (Wireless)

We had to include best wireless service provider in out list and we come up with Classic tech. Classic Tech also provides internet via fiber. It is used by some big users like Nepal Police head quarter, NPL, NAC etc and trusted by them. We were suggested by many users that they provide good service. They also have a good customer care and response. They pick up phone always and assist you in good way.

Classictech started from CT WiFi at Rs 500 for 512 kbps but now they are expanding fiber business. Users can subscribe 20 Mbps unlimited braodband FTTH service at Rs 1400 and if users take 10 months subscription it is Rs 13500 plus 4 months bonus. The best value pack is 30 Mbps unlimited which costs Rs 1450/month for annual subscription

3) Subisu

Subishu used to be one of the best but now the users rating are very down. At first people were happy about the speed, service and up-time but now it is opposite. People are complaining about the speed, connection downtime and problems. Some people are enjoying good service but some are not. Beside the problem, their tariff and package are great.

The YouTube video playback had no issue even for 720p and 1080p videos. P2P file sharing in torrent is also pretty fast. Good thing we love about them is custom service where they will manage bandwidth according to your budget. Subisu also provides wireless internet and FTTH. Their basic package for unlimited service starts at Rs 1158 for 15 Mbps on cable or fiber. Next good unlimited plan is 20 Mbps pack at Rs 1358/month on both FTTH and cable.

2)Worldlink: It is one of the biggest ISP in Nepal and they have every broad category of service. They serve internet to home, business and enterprise as well. Many of our friends changed to this service and seem to be satisfied with the up-time and customer service. The download speed is just as promised. P2P service also has good speed and sometimes it is related to seed/peer ratio.

They have very good coverage and also provide service like hosting for websites and even for Counter Strike! Worldlink also has lots of schemes but as a home user, we recommend the new scheme of optical fiber. Our suggestion is to go for 20 Mbps unlimited at Rs 1400.

Vianet 2017 Ad
Vianet 2017 Ad Dedicated Speed

1) Vianet

Vianet is one of the famous ISP in Nepal who is really known for serving internet via optical fiber. It also provides hosting, web design and VPS service. They had two service when we asked them. Vianet offers 20 Mbps unlimited service at Rs 1400. They provide bandwidth calculator so that you can select the best package. There are wide varieties of service package according to need.

Survey Report: This is a list according to our view and survey done in social media and real life. According to our survey on Facebook, we conclude that many people like Worldlink and Vianet most. People supported Worldlink a lot in the comments sections as well. According to number of users, NTC is on top then we have Worldlink, Subisu and Vianet respectively on the line.


Our new choice for 2017 is Vianet’s 6 Mbps unlimited package. The main reason is cost, uptime and bandwidth. We have heard a lot of positive reviews about their service and we value it. But if we compare bandwidth to price ADSL is most expensive. It all boils down to minimum broadband price, stability and users review. We strongly advice new interested consumers to grab the festival promotions and offers.

Fair Use Policy has been a headache for many users. It is bad practice by companies because they are getting away by not providing as advertised. Well there isn’t anything to do because customers sign agreement before subscribing. Many other companies like Websurfer, Net Max also provide good internet service. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


  1. As a user of Otel, NTC ADSL, and worldlink cabl zoom, i would say otel is the best if it covers your area and you download a lot of contents from the web, a power user, if i may, because its cheap for an unlimited and fast service. NTC ADSL would cost you Rs.1017/month, while Otel would cost you 1200/month. But if you only surf the net and read articles and watch videos occasionally, Worldlink cable zoom would be good enough with its 10mbps speed for 25gb compared to 1mbps on otel

      • Yes. But they’ve never replied to my emails asking them about when they’re planning to expand their service. Is there any other way we can ask them to do that; google fiber conducts polls to figure out where people are asking for their service more so they can prioritise. Otel shoud do something like that.

  2. suggest me the best among worldlink and vianet 0n the basis of price and quality n service package

  3. Vianet doesn’t even have coverage around Nepal. So, how it is the best ISP of Nepal? Really confused here?

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