Nepal Engineering College Library Building
Nepal Engineering College Library Building

Engineering study is one of the most sought after subject in Nepal. Most of the Science aspirants choose Medicine, Engineering, Forestry or Agriculture after intermediate level. Students want to study B.E. Bachelor of Engineering after Intermediate level, so this is our list of best top 5 engineering colleges in Nepal.

Developing countries like Nepal and India have huge craze and investment in this study. There are lots of colleges and universities and it can be hard to choose. Our team consists of mostly engineers and students so we also faced such problems. Many people choose to go India, Bangladesh and abroad for study.

If you are one of the people who want to study in Nepal there are lots of choices. This list is not official list by any organization. It is made by experience gained by person and asking past students, current students and alumni. Please do good further research afterwards to make correct decision. Nepali students also have option to go to IIT from now on.

Lets us make one thing clear, in our experience we haven’t seen a perfect college in Nepal. There will be political programs, affiliation, groups, fights, quarrels and lots of disturbances no matter what. Humorously, no student praise their college because everyone finds some sort of fault in system. There will be good and bad students everywhere and good guys always do good. Here is list of best top 5 Engineering college in Nepal.


  1. IOE Pulchowk Engineering College
  2. Kathmandu University School of Engineering
  3. Khwopa College of Engineering
  4. Kathmandu Engineering College
  5. PoU School of Engineering

Lets us tell a few more about all these institutions in brief. They all have a very good reputation and rank in Nepal and have good student product record.

1) Pulchowk Engineering College : Pulchowk Central campus is Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering’s best college in Nepal. It has huge space with almost all faculties and very reputed professors. There are all types of facilities, labs and equipment. It is first Engineering college of Nepal. They do have highest cut off and tough competition due to reputation and lower fees.

ERC and WRC: Eastern and Western Regional Campus of IOE are also government college with lower fee structure and attractive subjects. They also have high competition during entrance exams. Some unique offered subjects are Auto-Mechanical and Agriculture.

2) Kathmandu University School of Engineering: It is the only college engineering college of KU. They only teach at central department. KU is also most prestigious university in Asian and Nepali ranking. They feature lower fees structure, good environment, advanced lab, equipment and professional teachers.

3) Khwopa College of Engineering: There are actually two engineering college of Khwopa. One is affiliated to TU and next is affiliated to Purbanchal University. Khwopa Engineering College is PU affiliated while Khwopa College of Engineering is affiliated to TU. This can be confusing to many people. They both have very good infrastructure and reasonable fee structure than other private colleges. It is managed by Bhaktapur Municipality.

4) Kathmandu Engineering College: KEC has a good name in this field. They are known for very good faculty and result. KEC is one of the most sought private engineering college in Kathmandu valley. They offer seats in Civil, Computer, Electrical, Architecture faculties. It is situated in Kalimati.

5) PoU School of Engineering: Pokhara University School of Engineering is situated in Dhungepatan. It is the central campus of the university. They have very good faculty and result as well. SOE also teaches M.E. program with Structural Engineering.

Our prior list included Nepal Engineering College. We removed it from the list because of always on going conflicts and new affiliation debacle. There are lots of complaints from students and other media.

Other Good Institutes

There are lots of other good colleges in Nepal. We couldn’t put them in the list because it has only top 5. Many institutes have good infrastructures and teachers. Himalaya College (TU), Advanced College (TU), Cosmos College, NCIT ( PoU), NCE, Lumbini Engineering College are also good institutes.

Choose you college wisely by doing good research. Ask alumni, current students and other people. Also choose your subject very carefully. Best of luck for the future.

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