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Engineering study is one of the most sought after subject in Nepal. Most of the science students choose Medicine and Engineering after intermediate level. Many students want to study B.E. and B.Arch after 10+2. Bachelor of Engineering is a 4 years course. Bachelor of Architecture is a 5-year course. Below listed colleges also offer Masters. Msc or M.E. is 2 years course. There are many destinations to study these subjects. For the students who want to study in their homeland. This is our list of best top 5 Engineering colleges in Nepal.

Developing countries like Nepal and India have huge craze in this study. There are lots of colleges and universities. Therefore it can be hard to make a choice. Our team consists of mostly engineers and students. So we also know about this sector. Many people choose to study in Nepal. But some choose to go to India, USA, Australia, etc for abroad study.

If you are one of the people who want to study here, there are lots of choices. There are universities in each development region. They all have campus which teaches BE and B.Arch. In addition to those universities, there are affiliated colleges under them. In other words, all this means more seats. This is made by experience, review, asking alumni and current students. Please do good further research afterward to make the correct decision. Now Nepali students also have the option to go to IIT from now on. This is a great step from the Indian Government. However, students do need to clear JEE or GATE exams.

Top Technical Institutes

In our experience, we haven’t heard a perfect college. There will be political programs, affiliation, groups, fights, and disturbances no matter what. Humorously, no student praises their college. It is because everyone finds some sort of fault in the system. There will be good and bad students everywhere and good guys always do good. Therefore students need to focus on study and their development. Main things that everyone needs in a good institute are good teachers, resourceful lab and cooperative environment. Here is a list of best top 5 engineering colleges in Nepal.

  1. IOE Pulchowk Campus
  2. Kathmandu University School of Engineering
  3. Khwopa College of Engineering
  4. Kathmandu Engineering College
  5. Pokhara University SoE

Lets us tell a few more about all these institutions in brief. They all have a very good reputation and rank. They have good academic and student product records. Getting into any of these institutes require passing an entrance exam. Some colleges also hold their own exam under university supervision.

1) Pulchowk Campus

Pulchowk Central campus is Tribhuvan University IOE’s best college. It has huge space with almost all faculties. They have full time reputed professors and lecturers. There are all types of facilities, labs, and equipment. It is the first engineering college of Nepal. They do have the highest cut off and tough competition due. Pulchowk campus has many resources and they do various research. They also get a lot of donations and foreign aid. It is a government college, therefore it is very cheap.


ERC, WRC, and Thapathali: Eastern and Western Regional Campus of IOE are also government colleges. They also have a lower fee structure and offer attractive subjects. The competition for admission on these campuses is also high. They are among the second and third choice of students in TU. ERC and WRC have good reputation and ranking.  Some unique subjects offered are Auto-Mechanical and Agriculture. Thapathali Campus is actually the second choice of students after Pulchowk. It is a very popular and resourceful institute that was established in 1972.

2) Kathmandu University School of Engineering

It is currently the only engineering college of KU. They only teach at the central department. KU is also the most prestigious and high ranking university in Nepal. Similarly, they also have a high global ranking. They also come before TU in international raking for B.E. They feature lower fees, good environment, advanced lab, and equipment. There are full-time teachers and highly qualified lecturers.

Kathmandu University is very resourceful as it has big labs. There is a Turbine Testing lab which gets funding and projects. KU receives huge testing contracts, donations, and funds for research. So it is a place with large opportunities and a great environment for studying. It is the choice of many people to study Geomatics, Mechanical and Civil.

3) Khwopa College of Engineering

There are actually two colleges of Khwopa. One is affiliated to TU and next is affiliated to Purbanchal University (PU). Khwopa Engineering College is PU affiliated while Khwopa College of Engineering is affiliated to TU. This can be confusing to many people. They both have very good infrastructure and reasonable fees compared to other private colleges.


Both are managed by Bhaktapur Municipality. They are situated in the same compound in Libali, Bhaktapur. Khwopa is one of the most reputed private colleges because of the result, rules, and discipline. They have strict rules which both teachers and students agree on. However, teachers and parents like it because it binds students from deviating and getting distracted. The college environment is very good and cooperative. In addition, the study process is also very competitive.

4) Kathmandu Engineering College

KEC is situated in Kalimati, Kathmandu. It has a very good name in this field. They are known for having good faculty and result. KEC is one of the most sought private engineering college in Kathmandu valley. They offer seats in Civil, Computer, Electrical, Architecture, Electronics communication, and information faculties. It was established in 1998 and it is the top choice of many students in the private sector.

KEC is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. They have a high number of seats in Civil, Communication and Information faculty. Many people study Civil and Computer in KEC. These two subjects always have a higher attraction in Nepal. After that, we have Architecture and Electrical engineering.

5) Pokhara University SoE

Pokhara University School of Engineering is in Dhungepatan. It is the central campus of the university. The university is near Dhulegaudaa, Kaski. It is 1.2 KM from the Prithvi Highway. SoE has very good faculty and infrastructure. Similarly, they have low fees, good labs, and facilities. The central campus offers seats in Civil, Computer, Civil, Software, Electrical and Electronics engineering.


In addition, Civil and Rural is a very unique subject in Pokhara University. It is available in SoE and Nepal Engineering College. It has 9 semesters in total instead of the usual 8 semesters. There are lots of scholarship seats in SoE. They take exams and provide a scholarship each year. The university also sends students to affiliated colleges under scholarship.

Other Good Colleges and advice

There are lots of other good colleges in Nepal. We couldn’t put all of them in the list. However, there are many institutes with good infrastructures and teachers. PU, TU, KU all have good colleges. Some of the other good ones are as follows.

  • NEC, Cosmos College, Everest Lumbini Engineering College (Pokhara University)
  • Kantipur, National, Advance, HCOE (Tribhuvan University)

In conclusion, there are many options in Nepal. There are lots of choice in subject and college. Therefore we advise you to choose your college wisely by doing good research. Ask alumni, current students, and other people. Do read review and the latest news regarding the institutes and universities. Above all choose your subject very carefully.


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