Ringing Bells Freedom 251

Ringing bells Freedom 251 Price, impressions and market

This company is now under investigation due to suspicion of Scam. Nothing seems to have credibility. More information at bottom.  With the initiation of Make in India project, people are expecting a...
CG EON eLite

Chaudhary Group CG EON eLite Specs, Review and Price

Chaudhary Group or CG is a leading industry with multiple products in Nepal. It is brand well-known for Wai Wai (Famous Nepali and Indian Noodle) which is loved by all people....
Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro with Redmi 2 Pro

Review, price of Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro & Redmi 3 pro in Nepal

Vatsal Impex, the fresh new company which is a subsidiary of Sharda Group and official distributor of Xiaomi in Nepal is swiftly launching new devices. Just within periphery of one month the...

Price of Touchkon mobile phones in Nepal

In this abruptly growing smartphone market we see variety of companies with their products. Among these Touchkon is one of Dubai's branded smartphone manufacturer. Touchkon smartphones and mobiles have good percentage...
Unbricking Allwinner Tablet and Phone

Unbricking Allwinner Tablet and Phone

Its really sad when your device is fried. Mostly it occurs due to our experiment on new firmwares and other tools. There is less chance for bricking of device naturally. I...
Gionee Pionee P3S and F103

Gionee Pioneer P3S & Gionee F103 phones in Nepal

As the festivals are coming in Nepal many of the electronics manufacturers including smartphone companies like Samsung, Panasonic etc are bringing new offers and schemes. "Get Smart" is the new offer...
Best Camera Smartphones

Evolution of great camera with better smartphones

There is famous saying "Budget lets you decide what is worth spending your money on." Few years back when I used a Nokia 1100 just after its arrival I was amazed...

Top 3 Budget Quad Core Smartphone in Nepal

From a big competition we have selected a few and famous smartphones for our contest of top 3 budget smart phones in Nepal. This comparison is based on the demand,quality, fan...
Galaxy A5 Black

Things to take care before updating your phone

There are many things to take care before updating your phone or smartphone. Whether it is smartphone or a bar phone, whether it is Android or iOS based phone or tablet,...
Samsung Galaxy high end phones in Nepal

Price of High End Samsung mobile phones in Nepal

Many Nepali smartphone lovers are willing to spend good amount of money to buy a good smartphone. Some end up buying iPhone and others search for the best what market has...

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