Cooler master coolers fans price in Nepal
Cooler master coolers fans price in Nepal

Nagmani International is the official distributor of Cooler Master, Asus and Transcend products in Nepal. We are noticing high quality products like Cooler Master CPU coolers, fans, CPU casing and power supply in the market these days. These king of desktop hardware are demanded by computer enthusiasts actually. There are many of such amazing hardware so we have created a list of latest cooler master coolers price in Nepal.

Our main focus in the market is coolers at this time. We have searched the market for cheap good cooling solution but there aren’t any or lets say there are very few. Most customers are satisfied with the CPU stock coolers. Many people don’t even put Case or side fan.

These things affect computer very much. We recommend using aftermarket coolers for Core i5 and i7 processors because they generate more heat. Good cooing system also extends life as well as improves performance. CPU side fan or case fans help to maintain positive airflow, exhaust and prevents dust accumulation.

One of the most important factor while choosing a fan is silence. We tried few normal Chinese fans in the market and they are very loud. Everyone wants efficient plus silent hardware. So we went after Cooler Master. They also have heavy duty power supplies, CPU Casings. These are the price of Cooler Masters coolers in Nepal. Some price were provided by Ocean Computers, Baghdurbar as well.

Master Gel Rs 487
Sickle Flow X Rs 1,312
CM X Dream I117 Rs 1800
MasterFan Pro 120 Air Pressure Rs 2,437
Hyper TX3 Rs 4,200
Hyper 103 Rs 5,520
Hyper 212 Rs 6,875
Hyper D92 2 Fans Rs 8,400
Seidon 120V3 Plus Rs 10,800
Master Liquid Lite 240P RGB (Dual Fan) Rs 14,400


Best cooling solution offered here is Seidon 120V Plus AIO. It is all in one because of coolant, pump, water block all come in one package. It comes at a hefty price too. Next Sickle Flow X is one of the cheapest side fan. They come in two colors, red and blue LED.


Impressions and Advice

Hyper 212X is one of the most popular product globally. It is loved by many gamers and PC enthusiasts. If you run your computer for longer duration and in warmer ambient temperature with high end CPU, these products are a must. Thermal throttling can be reduced and hardware performance with life can be elongated as well.

Thermal paste or compound is also very important stuff that most people don’t think much of. They are used between heat sink and heat-producing objects like processor. Cheap and reasonably good pastes are available but for quality we recommend Master Gel from Cooler Master. It is very important that good thermal paste is used to ensure efficient transfer between source and sink.


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