Corsair Steps in Nepal
Corsair Logo on Carbide Spec 01 Logo

Corsair Nepal has officially stepped in with its huge range of products. They are an American company that specializes in computer hardware. Entering of Corsair adds new options for computer and desktop enthusiasts. Pine Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is the official distributor for Nepal. Corsair steps in Nepal with its popular products in such as Spec series casing, Vengeance RAM modules, SSD and power supplies.

They are very popular all around the globe and their stepping in the Himalayan country means a lot for the PC building community. Corsair India is looking after the Nepali market just like many other companies. It is good to have products officially because imported and grey market products don’t have long term support and warranty. The company announced their start with a launch event in Kathmandu.

The company usually specializes in desktop components such as coolers, RAM, SSD, casing, power supply, mouse, keyboards, headsets, fans, etc. They also have AIO computers like Corsair One. Currently, the company is going is to see the market and sell products fit for here. The PC market is small in Nepal compared to other countries. Only a few people use desktops these days. Most desktops are used in offices, educational institutes, gamers and special professional. Most people like using laptops and phones only these days.

Corsair and their Products in Nepal

The company is surely going to focus on desktop cabinets, storage, memory modules, fan, and power supply. We had a talk with the company’s representative Rushabh Shah and executive director of Pine Overseas, Prashant Dugar to get an idea about their plan for Nepal. Corsair is going to launch their very popular Carbide Spec series cabinets. This includes the oldest and classic Spec 01 and new ones like Spec Omega. We also use Carbide Spec 01 and like it for its price and design.

Most of their gaming style desktop cases have side window with tempered glass or acrylic. There are good provisions for cable routing and ventilation as well. Spec Omega is one of our favorite budget cases. The company also has fans, AIO coolers in the market. Corsair has low noise fans, PWM, RGB, and even magnetic levitation fans. According to the company, Nepal may not get all products that come to India and other international markets. However, in the future, we may also see country-specific and special products if the market favors.

More importantly, the Nepali market needs a good power supply. Therefore Corsair is going to push a good number of power supplies such as CX, TX and VS series. There are modular, semi-modular high products available as well. Company is going to sell high quality and high-efficiency PSU such as 80+ Bronze rated and even 80+ Gold rated models. The options should be fruitful for the market very much.


Pricing and Availability

As told earlier, there will be differences in products available in Nepal and products available in the international market. Pine Overseas is looking after all the Corsair products. The products should be easily available in main computer market places such as New Road, Putalisadak, Pokhara and other places in Nepal. However, for the pricing, they are trying best to sell in near to Indian price. But, they will be a bit higher in comparison. This is due to market size, sales volume, and tax.

In the future, the company might expand the number of available products. This all depends on the reaction of the desktop and PC market. Let us hope that we PC enthusiasts get good quality hardware at a reasonable price.

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